Hire A Poet

Why Hire A Poet

Poetry. With this purest form of expression, one can most clearly convey his or her love, gratitude, or remorse. The gift of a commissioned poem is the gift of sincerity, of true care. This is why for centuries poetry has wooed, awed, mystified, even enraptured the beholder. Move your loved ones with a commissioned poem for your milestones.

Perfect days for a commissioned poem are births, weddings, anniversaries, adoptions, graduations, sending off parties, deaths of loved ones, baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, retirements, engagements and those everyday moments that deserve commemoration.

A Poem Especially For You

I would love to talk with you before sitting down to write your poem so that the final result will meet your vision. Please email me thepoetryprovider@gmail.com

My questions and your details will help to better personalize your poem.


Payment is due upon commissioning a poem. Credit cards as well as checks are accepted. The standard fee for a poem is $40 under regular delivery circumstances, which is about seven business days. Please consider the time difference when commissioning a poem. If one would wish to expedite the order, an additional fee of $20 will be charged. However, I cannot take commissions with fewer than 72 hours to complete the poem. While I will email the first draft of the poem to the customer so that he or she may suggest an edit in the preliminary stages, an edit requested 12 hours or prior to the agreed upon completion date will cost $10.


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