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The Poetry Provider Proverbs: 

Thinking is an art, knowing is the form, and your actions are the display. Nothing straddles the balance of creativity and reality the way art does. And just like any other art, you must practice its form. The best way to do this is by keeping your thought process enriched. And that's where this pocket sized power comes into play. You can keep the book on your person, bag, or vehicle at all times. Exercise, and strengthen your thought process anytime and anywhere with these invigorating proverbs. Embrace them in deep thought while your relaxing in solitude, or share them with co-workers and friends while you're on the go. 

Remember, thinking and knowing are two different things. Your actions will prove if you know the difference!




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Life Is A Deep Conversation, is an expression of life’s core principle: “Think Outside The Box”. Created to inspire all people into becoming more open-minded and productive in all aspects of life. Packed with vital information, motivational tools, and powerful poetry, this book is swiftly invigorating. 

There comes a time in everyone’s life, when you just want to be more. You want to achieve more. You want to have more. You want to learn and experience new things. Well the first step is realizing one thing. “Everything is not what it seems”! 

This world is a mixed bag full of mixed bags. A melting pot of prosperity and propaganda. Survival of the fittest and only the strong survive. So ask yourself. “Where do you stand in the food chain? Are you happy being a goldfish feasting on flakes? Or have you ever wanted to be a shark, snatching the big catch, making your dominating presence known! 


You must pursue your dreams with urgency. Success is never nonchalant, Its a grind! Everything is a race, everyone is competition, and opportunity is always awaiting a winner! Life Is A Deep Conversation, will give you the leverage you need to accomplish more goals!




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Now is the time! Chase your dreams and follow your heart. Life is a giant casino where the stakes are high and the odds are low. Let the captivating poems of "Ambition Strength and Passion" assist you in building a purposeful path of success and happiness. Renowned author Cortez Maurell Lewis beautifully uses the therapeutic power of poetry to make this one of the most inspirational books of its class. Read and discover yourself on a provocative & spine tingling thrill ride through these poetic memoirs.